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We are just as our partnership suggests — 2 english birds who have built our nests in Australia after migrating across a few continents to finally reach Australia. We are 2englishbirds discovering unique product for the discerning retailer and customer. We deliver overseas designers to your doorstep through our handpicked selection of must have brands. 2englishbirds has been created to tell the stories and sell the products of UK and Australian Design talent and represent the businesses that want to expand their business into other parts of the globe.

We embark on our quest for contemporary, designed product that is perfect for the Australian and UK market. We know retail has changed and our customer is from a more discerning flock and truly appreciates design and quality – not just the fads that come with European and International labels. With this journey in mind we take over 20 years experience in design, product development and buying on a flight of fancy to hunt and gather for those brands you can’t live without.

a little bit about the 2englishbirds

Amanda and Kate started dreaming about the move out of the corporate business environment to follow the path where dreams are made. Both wanting to put their 20 years of experience to good use and create a fun, flexible working environment based on strong relationships with their peers. Amanda trained in Design and Business Studies at Brighton Uni UK, Kate trained in Business Studies and Marketing at Nottingham Trent Uni UK, a perfect combination. The change we were both looking for brought us together to create 2englishbirds giving us the chance to continue on our journey.